5 Interesting Facts about Online Roulette

5 Interesting Facts about Online Roulette

Roulette is one of online casino games. Roulette gained its popularity among gamblers in either land based casino or online casino. The reason is that Roulette gives simplicity and easiness. But, keep in mind that one of online casino goals is to absorb money from your wallet. It is good to know 5 interesting facts about online roulette before you lose much cash in online roulette.

5 Interesting Facts about Online Roulette

The First Online Casino

Today, online roulette has played more than one million bettors in a month. Did you know the first online casino game that has online roulette? The answer is Internet Casino System Version IV which was established in 1997. Now, there are more than 2000 legal and official online casino registered on World Wide Web.

5 Interesting Facts about Online Roulette
5 Interesting Facts about Online Roulette

You Can Bet with Many Currencies

This is one of interesting fact in online roulette. Since online casino present roulette, gamblers in the world can play and compete to get some rewards. Therefore, online casino should provide many currencies to support players in the game. You will not see this feature in land based casino because you only use one currency in land based casino.

Great information is that your bonus will be counted to your currency exchange rates. In simple word, you can play in this game although the online casino uses Poundsterling, Euros, or dollars.

There Are Two Popular Roulette Version

While there are many roulette version in online casino, the two most popular roulette versions are European Roulette and American Roulette. The main difference is the number of the wheel. European Roulette has 37 slots, 36 red and black slots and one zero slots meanwhile American Roulette have 38 slots, 36 red and black slots and two zero slots.

Another distinction is the house edge. European roulette has 2.7 percent of the house edge whereas American Roulette has 5.26 percent of the house edge. In simple word, the house edge of the American Roulette is bigger than European Roulette.

Red or Black Have the Same Chance

If you the ball lands on red slot, it does not mean that the ball will land on a black slot in the next round. The fact is that both red and black slot has the same chance during the game. The opportunity of hitting the same color over and over is one to 1024.

Age Restriction on Online Casino and Free Game

Some countries rule the age limit for the bettors. In some territories, teenagers are permitted to place a bet on an online casino, while other territories, it can be played for those who are 21 years old.

For those who have problem with the age restriction, you can play online casino for free. Nowadays, online casino provides stunning experience roulette game without money. So, you can enjoy the game without spending a penny.

Online slot is a viable option to gain cash in online casino. We hope that 5 interesting facts about Online Roulette ensure you to play online Roulette. So, do not miss a chance to feel another great experience in online Roulette.