Some Secrets You Need to Know in Live Blackjack

Some Secrets You Need to Know in Live Blackjack
Some Secrets You Need to Know in Live Blackjack
Some Secrets You Need to Know in Live Blackjack

Some Secrets You Need to Know in Live Blackjack

Do you love playing online blackjack? If you do, you might be tired of the ordinary version of the game. Then, you should try to interact with the real dealer as you are playing in live blackjack! Yet, before that, you must read about some secrets you need to know in live blackjack.

  • The Dark Secrets of Live Blackjack

Perhaps you have met male dealers who smirked at you every time you lost in blackjack. Their brazen attitude which adds to their unattractive appearance lessen your enjoyment while you are concentrating on your next decision. Then, you might be pleased with the dealers of live blackjack. Most online casinos choose scantily clad gorgeous women as their dealers making you almost enjoy losing your bet.

Nevertheless, the dealers are not always “live” though. Some online casinos use some prerecorded videos to simulate the dealer. You will slowly notice that the interactions loop endlessly. Such act is done to convince bettors that the game is fair and square. Hence, you should pay attention to the dealer because whether the dealer is real or not is related to our next concern.

Although the risk is lower than in the ordinary online blackjack, some dishonest casinos can still cheat on you in the live one. They use a machine which determines whether the player’s hand will win or not even before the card is dealt. Any decision made by the player cannot change the result.

  • The Advantage of Playing Live Blackjack

We have told you about the risk of being cheated by the casino in live blackjack. Yet, the risk is much lower than in its counterpart. Hence, the game is worth playing. The key is that you must find the casino which uses real live dealers so that you can monitor the course of the game.

If you are a card counter who is desperate for not being able to use your skill in the ordinary online blackjack, you can benefit from the live version. In online blackjack, the deck is shuffled after each hand making it impossible to use card counting due to the shallow penetration. However, in live blackjack, the dealer will shuffle the card after about a half or three-quarters of the deck has been dealt. It will make card counting quite accurate since the penetration is deep enough.

If you love to socialize with other people, you will enjoy live blackjack. You do not only click the button and receive the cards from the machine. In live blackjack, you can interact directly with the dealer which makes the gambling experiences become more authentic.

The best thing about the live blackjack is that you can notice the dealer tells. Tells are the physical reactions of the dealer after seeing her hole card. You might spot whether they are happy or disappointed with the card, thus you can utilize better strategies.

Those are some secrets you need to know in live blackjack. We do hope that after reading this article, you will be more careful in choosing the online casinos providing this game variant. You can still find the honest ones though. Then, you can start to enjoy the fabulous live blackjack!