Tips to Consider in Live Dealer Chinese Fantan

Tips to Consider in Live Dealer Chinese Fantan

Chinese Fan Tan game is known for being a simple casino game. However, as a true casino game player, you should not belittle any game that may sound easy. If you happen to plan on trying this game, here are some tips to consider in live dealer Chinese Fantan as your playing guidance.

Tips to Consider in Live Dealer Chinese Fantan

  • Figure Out How You Can Win Money in the Game

You can find out the way you win money from tracking your winnings. Make sure you always involve your thinking skill especially about what result may come next in the game. The machine used in the game doesn’t produce the same result sequentially.

That’s why, you need to figure out your playing patterns. After that, try to find the best site to play the game. Remember that not every casino site is good to wager your money. You also need to find out what kind and how much bets other players have put at that site to find out the best original bet you can go with. Whatever other players lose can be your winnings. This is a strategy that you should not miss.

  • Figure Out What Can Guarantee Your Winning

No one can guarantee your winning to be 100%. But you can guarantee that your chances of winning can always be big.

The truth is you can’t always rely on the odds in the game to enhance your winning chance. You have to understand that preparing yourselves well is a key of the big chances of winning. The best strategy to win this game is simply playing the game frequently and keeping on evaluating how you just performed in the game.

Chinese Fan Tan game provides unpredictable results. That’s why many casinos have allocated more of their money to be invested here rather than other casino games. However, you do not need to worry as huge jackpots and other big bonuses are provided in the game. Being persistent in training your skill in this game is always able to increase your chances of winning at all times.

Tips to Consider in Live Dealer Chinese Fantan
Tips to Consider in Live Dealer Chinese Fantan
  • Find Out How Your Bet Works

Although Chines Fan Tan is a simple game, the bets available in this game are not that simple. There are at least three types of bet available along with its different percentage of house edge.

The betting options are betting on one number (1, 2, 3, or 4), betting on two numbers (3-4, 2-4, 2-3, 1-4, 1-3, 1-2), and betting on three numbers (1-2-3, 2-3-4, 1-3-4, 1-2-4). Each of the betting options has different house edge, meaning that choosing different betting option will give you different amount of cash if you win.

By choosing betting on one number, you will have house edge of 3.75%, while betting on two and three numbers have the house edge of 250% and 1.25% consecutively.

Knowing the betting options will enable you to plan your strategy and see the possibilities of winning. On the other hand, having no clue about it will surely end up in losing your bet or if you win, you will just win small cash.

The tips to consider in live dealer Chinese Fan Tan come from how you manage to play your bet, how you can see the possibilities of winning and of guaranteeing your winning. In short, the tips are all about how you can be so observant in the game so that you can spot any single possibility to win.